Cast Iron Coat Hooks: Styles and Uses

Cast iron is an alloy of iron metal with various other elements; an alloy being a mixture of elements to make an improved material for a desired purpose. Our cast iron coat hooks are ideal for classic interior design, or for strong and sturdy purposes. Cast iron is generally used for its resistance to deformation, i.e. it does not bend easily. It is extremely hard wearing, with one of its primary uses in engineering applications. This makes cast iron an ideal material for coat hooks, which are intended to last.

Cast iron has been used for centuries, and was thought to be discovered in China. It has had a wide variety of uses over the years, including weaponry, agriculture, and industrial applications. As cast iron is the umbrella name for a number of alloys, its properties can be altered depending on the desired application; iron is simply alloyed with a slightly different combination of other elements. Adding nickel and copper to iron, for example, increase the strength of the overall alloy, whereas the addition of sulphur to iron increases the hardness of the final metal product.

Sometimes, cast iron is termed 'grey' or 'white', with grey cast iron being the most commonly used cast iron, favouring uses where stiffness is paramount. White cast iron has white fractures throughout its surface, so can be a useful way to get an industrial design look in your home, without much effort. Iron work is a term generally used for decorative, iron based pieces, such as cast iron coat hooks, firebacks, and kitchen equipment.

Cast iron is relatively cheap in cost, but creates a very distinct look. Our cast iron coat hooks can be used in a wide range of design looks, from industrial to contemporary. We do advise caution when it comes to purchasing cast iron items; ensure they are genuine and from a reputable source. Thinking you have the strength of a cast iron item, when it is not genuine, could be disastrous.

Below are some of favourite use of cast iron design in coat hooks

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