Cupboard Knob Material Options

After form and colour, the product material is likely the most important factor in any home decor purchase When it comes to cupboard knob material choices, an item that will likely be handled thousands of times through its life, the material may be the most important factor. The following information is on the types of material we stock and the best places to use each one to maximise its potential.

Ceramic Cupboard Knobs

Knobs, hooks and handles are often constructed from ceramic as it is an ideal material for both traditional and contemporary designs. It is incredibly hard-wearing, and is resistant to temperature fluctuations; this allows ceramic items to resist many forms of damage. Our ceramic items are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, and create an ornamental and dissimilar look. Ceramic products are a good default material choice if no specific needs are required.

Metal Cupboard Knobs

Metals have historically been used in the production of industrial door knobs and furniture fittings. These antique and somewhat vintage furnishings are now more frequently replicated to enhance more contemporary furniture items. Ideally, we advise not to use metals in damp or wet environments, unless they’ve been pre-treated. This makes metal products ideal for contemporary interior design; the versatility of metal products in virtually limitless

Each different metal, utilised for interior design, will have a unique look, colour and feel. Combination metals (known as alloys) can give additional looks in comparison to their individual counterparts. Metal products, such as knobs, hooks and handles, provide solid, sturdy and very durable products, which can be used in a vast range of situations. For any advice on using metal based products throughout your home, please feel free to ask us, we are bursting with ideas.

Wooden Cupboard Knobs

Wood based products have been traditionally used in and around the home for centuries. Like ceramics, wood is hugely versatile and can be shaped with ease, into the desired product. Wood based knobs, hooks and handles have the advantage of a naturally beautiful grain design, but can also look stunning with a lick of paint or varnish. Some of the latest trends see wood based products exhibit a distressed, rustic or vintage style look. Here at we love the distressed look and pride ourselves on offering original, distressed designs.

Our wood based products are tough and durable, and are ideal for use in country farmhouses, or alternatively, modern contemporary homes. We also stock a wide range of funky animal designs, wonderfully carved by our suppliers, so please feel free to ask if you desire anything ‘out-of-the-ordinary’.

Glass Cupboard Knobs

Glass products can come in many different shapes and sizes, some very elaborate and untouchable, and some strong and sturdy. At we stock a variety of glass products, including small, decorative knobs and hooks, to larger door handles with a bubble finish, mounted on a metallic base. Glass products are not affected by moisture and are incredibly hard wearing, they also have a smooth feel.

Opting for a hand made / hand blown glass cupboard knob will always help add a quality, organnic finish to furniture or a kitchen. Below are some of our most popular designs.

Other Cupboard Knob Materials

We have many other material options, such as resin, brass, shell and various stones. We also stock many combination-material products, such as our Mounted Marble Cupboard Knob below, ideal for use in minimal, contemporary bedrooms.

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