Small Cupboard Knobs for Small Projects

Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch for your upcycled or renovated furniture projects? At, we have plenty of small cupboard knobs to provide the inspiration needed to complete those dainty little projects.

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We stock a fabulous range of smaller cupboard knobs and accessories for you to choose from. Our selection of hardware would be ideal to enhance the look of individual items such as, jewellery boxes, desk organisers, chests of drawers, wardrobes and other pieces of furniture around your home. Please ask if you would like advice or suggestions for an item you might want to transform.

The majority of our smaller knobs are designed Nordic regions and manufactured throughout India, some of the leading bespoke hardware producing areas of the world. Although small, these designs certainly do not lack detail.

Our small cupboard knob recommendations

Our Adonis Butterfly Cupboard Knob is incredibly ornate and would be a stunning addition to any furniture piece, even in a child’s bedroom.

One of our more popular and personal favourites, small handles is the Trinket Box Cupboard Knob, which has been purchased by a number of our customers to complete their interior design projects. The Trinket Box Cupboard Knob is a particularly dainty, classically vintage piece, which works well with traditional style dressing tables, chests of drawers and jewellery boxes. This piece comes in black, blue, green, purple, silver and white colour options, so can adapt to many different situations in and around the home.

Here at, we feel small knobs have a big place in the home, and it is becoming increasingly more popular to use lavish handles and knobs on larger furniture items for a distinct look. Our Polished Lumber Cupboard Knob is an excellent option with it smooth glossy lines and quality wooden body.

Starting from £1.99, why not take a look at our selection of small cupboard knobs that leave big impressions?

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