Small Cupboard Knobs for Small Projects

Are you looking for the perfect tiny finishing touch for your small piece of furniture or jewellery box? We stock a lovely selection of smaller cupboard knobs for you to pick from. Ideal to update items such as jewellery boxes, desk organisers and smaller pieces of furniture.

Even though some of our smaller cupboard designs are tiny in size, there is still a lot of consideration of their design and production. The majority of our smaller knobs are designs in Scandinavian and manufactured in India, one of the leading handicraft producing countries. You might think with their smaller size the designs would be limited in their detail, but this certainly is not the case. Just take the Adonis Butterfly Cupboard Knob for example, the detail of the design is stunning and will really add interest wherever it is mounted.


One of our more popular small form handles is the trinket box cupboard knob which a number of our customers have bought to complete their decorating projects. It’s dainty, classic vintage look works well with traditional style dressing tables and jewellery boxes and comes in black, blue, green, purple, silver and white colour options so works in many different situations.

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Small knobs are not limited to use in small spaces either. It is becoming more popular to use small, minimal style handles on full size drawers and cupboard for a clean, uncluttered look. For such a look the Polished Lumber Cupboard Knob is an excellent options with it smooth glossy lines and quality wooden body.


Starting from £1.99 why not have a look at our selection of small cupboard knobs for some DIY inspiration?

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