cupboard knobs

  • A guide to fitting cupboard knobs

    Fitting cupboard knobs is a relatively straightforward task and an excellent way to add interest to furniture or kitchen cupboard doors. With the rise of upcycling, fitting door knobs and pulls is a take most DIY enthusiasts will come across. The below guide details the method of fitting the most common type of door knob fixtures, rod, washer and nut. Continue reading

  • Cupboard Knob Material Options

    After form and colour, the product material is likely the most important factor in any home decor purchase When it comes to cupboard knob material choices, an item that will likely be handled thousands of times through its life, the material may be the most important factor. The following information is on the types of material we stock and the best places to use each one to maximise its potential. Continue reading

  • A Guide to Buying Kitchen Cupboard Knobs & Handles

    A kitchen is often the most expensive room of the home; it is quite easy to go over budget when fitting a new kitchen. Here at, we feel the colour, style and finish of the fixtures and fittings is the most important thing when it comes to completing this central area of a home, and of all the different fixtures, kitchen cupboard knobs are likely the most important. Continue reading

  • Small Cupboard Knobs for Small Projects

    Are you looking for the perfect finishing touch for your upcycled or renovated furniture projects? At, we have plenty of small cupboard knobs to provide the inspiration needed to complete those dainty little projects. Continue reading

  • Creating stunning upcycled furniture with paint and cupboard knobs

    Upcycled furniture has become an increasingly popular way to create stunning and unique pieces for your home. There is virtually no limit to the creativity and design of an upcycled item, anything goes! This method of creating new furniture from old pieces, is often a cheaper alternative to buying new furnishings, with the ability to create stunning looks in any area or room you desire. Continue reading

  • New ceramic animal cupboard knobs added to

    We are pleased to add three really unusual and fun animal cupboard knobs to These three items are perfect for children's bedrooms or creating a really eclectic and unusual finishing touch to a piece of furniture.

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