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Coat Racks

Take inspiration from our selection of vintage coat rack designs and find a beautiful new way to furnish your walls.

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  • Five Branch Coat Wooden Rack

    Beach Combing Driftwood Coat Rack

  • Minimalist Wooden Coat Rack

    Bamboo Hanger Coat Rack

    Regular Price: £13.99

    Sale Price £11.19

  • Wall Mounted Storage Box

    Utility Room Wall Box

    Regular Price: £17.49

    Sale Price £15.74

  • Vintage Grey Coat Rack

    Freehold Coat Rack

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Sale Price £22.49

  • Swinging Arrow Wall Hook

    All The Arrows Coat Hook

  • Rustic Shelf With Hooks

    Cabin Shelf Coat Rack

  • Rustic Wooden Wall Rack

    Log Lodge Coat Rack

  • Vintage Metal Wall Rack

    The Frontier Coat Rack

  • Rustic Blue Wooden Wall Rack

    The Boathouse Coat Rack

  • Swivelling Vertical Coat Rack

    Folding Annex Coat Rack

  • Large Sperm Whale Coat Hook

    The Great Blue Whale Coat Rack

  • Natural Wood 2 Hook Coat Rack

    The Woodshop Coat Rack

  • Rustic Wall Hook Pair

    Coach House Coat Hooks

  • Small Ornate Metal Coat Rack

    Terrace Coat Rack

  • Scullery Wall Shelf With Hooks

    Scullery Wall Shelf With Hooks

  • Three Hook Coat Racks

    Tusk and Ball Triple Coat Rack

  • Wooden Cream Wall Shelf

    Shaker Shelf With Hooks

  • Swinging Arm Coat Rack

    Folding Five Coat Rack

  • Wire Flower Coat Rack

    Sketched Flower Coat Rack

  • Red Wooden Wall Rack With Knobs

    Potting Shed Coat Rack

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Sale Price £13.49

  • Simple 10 Hook Coat Rack

    Wire Work Coat Rack

  • Weathered Dark Hook Coat Rack

    Seasoned Mahogany Coat Rack

  • Large Wooden 8 Hook Coat Rack

    Rustic Length Wire Swirl Coat Rack

    Regular Price: £29.99

    Sale Price £26.99

  • Metal Birds Coat Rack

    Bird House Coat Rack

  • Floral Wooden Wall Rack

    The Conservatory Coat Rack

  • Shabby School Mount Coat Rack

    Shabby School Mount Coat Rack

  • Stag Antlers Wall Hook

    Antler Rack Coat Hook

  • Gold Flower Coat Rack

    Nature's Pattern Coat Rack

  • Large Cast Iron Coat Rack
  • Cog & Wheel Wall Rack
  • 5 Hook Coat Rack
  • Brown Wooden Coat Rack
  • Cream Flower Coat Rack
  • French Farm Wooden Coat Rack
  • Large Cream Coat Rack

Set Descending Direction

35 Item(s)

What Are Your Coat Rack Needs?

Do you have a big family and need a large wall coat rack design that can hold everyone's coats and jackets in the utility room? Are you looking for a creative but practical way to add character your hallway and think a vintage coat rack might be the answer? Or maybe you like the look of multiple single wall hooks but want the easiest mounting option and are considering a coat hook rack?

Our coat rack designs offers practical and beautiful ways to organise your hallways. kitchens, cloak rooms or anywhere else you store your coats and jackets. We offer a range from two to eight hook coat racks in contemporary vintage and Scandinavian styles, suitable for all types of different placements and both traditional and modern, eclectic interiors.

Filter Based On Size, Colour And Materiel

You can filter our selection of coat racks based on their size, number of hooks, material and colour making it simple to quickly find the style of rack you are looking for.

Fitting Coat Racks

The majority of our rack racks use two mounted points, either concealed or visible depending on the design. This makes coat racks much easier to mount than multiple coat hooks in a row. The fitting process will vary depending on the type of wall where the rack is being mounted, but in general coat racks offer a more stable and secure mounting area when compared to multiple single coat hooks.