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Wooden Cupboard & Drawer Knobs

Our wide selection of decorative vintage cupboard knobs & drawer knobs are perfect additions to furniture & homes

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27 Item(s)

  • Stripped Pearlescent Knob

    Pearl Lines Cupboard Knob

  • Large Wooden Drawer Knob

    Jumbo Cotton Mill Cupboard Knob

  • Carved Wooden Bird Knob

    Woodlands Owl Cupboard Knob

  • Wooden Lion Head Knob

    Safari Life Cupboard Knob - Lion

  • Animal Head Knobs

    Farm Life Cupboard Knob

  • Small Delicate Cupboard Knob

    Earth Art Cupboard Knob

  • Decorative Wooden Knob

    Woodworkers Cupboard Knob

  • Square Mother of Pearl Drawer Knob

    Pearl Mosaic Cupboard Knob

  • Pearl Octagon Knob

    Shell Spiral Cupboard Knob

  • Pretty Wooden Knob

    Cabinetmaker Cupboard Knob

  • Distressed Wooden Drawer Knob

    Reclaimed Cupboard Knob

  • Vintage Wooden Drawer Knob

    Work Shop Cupboard Knob

  • Carved Wooden Knob

    Whittlers Cupboard Knob

  • Wooden Heart Knobs

    Lumber Love Heart Cupboard Knob

  • Wooden Ball Drawer Knob

    Turned Sphere Cupboard Knob

  • Ceramic & Wood Drawer Knob

    Scandi Wooden Cupboard Knob

  • Simple White Wooden Cabinet Knobs

    Mini Milky Wooded Knob

  • Light Wood Knob

    Woodland Harvest Cupboard Knob

  • Multi Colours Wooden Knob

    Colours of Carnival Cupboard Knob

  • Blue Wooded Drawer Knob

    Marbled Star Cupboard Knob

  • Carved Wooden Knob
  • Horse Head Knob

    Farm Life Cupboard Knob - Horse

  • Mother of Pearl Veneer Knobs
  • Wooden Ball Knob
  • Blue Pearl Cabinet Knob
  • Vintage Wooden Knobs
  • Distressed Round Wooden Knob

Set Descending Direction

27 Item(s)

What are your cupboard knob needs?

Is it now time to decorate your kitchen and you need some beautiful kitchen cupboard knobs to complete the look? Are you searching for an easy way to transform a cabinet or other furniture and need knobs which will compliment your existing colour scheme? are you intending to start a furniture upcycle project and need a selection of unique drawer knobs? or maybe you have a 70's piece of furniture and needs some matching retro knobs? has curated a selection of rare and beautiful vintage cupboard knobs suitable for both practical day to day use and decorative interior design needs.

Filter based on size, colour and material

We offer a large selection of different designs giving choice in size, small, medium and large, material such as ceramic, metal, wood and glass and colour. You can easily filter products based on these criteria using the filter system on this page to help find the best cabinet knob for your needs.

Fitting knobs, (Photo guide to fitting cupboard door knobs available here)

Fortunately, if you buy cupboard knobs from us, fitting them to your drawers or cupboard doors is relatively easy. 99% of our selection use a rod, washer and nut system and simply require the rod to be passed through the hole on the mounting surface and the washer and nut are used to secure the knob into place from behind. Rods can be cut down to length with a hacksaw if required. Our selection of knobs are suitable for use as kitchen cupboard knob, drawer knobs, jewellery box knobs or just about any other place you need a handy little handle.