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  • Cast Iron Coat Hooks: Styles and Uses

    Cast iron is an alloy of iron metal with various other elements; an alloy being a mixture of elements to make an improved material for a desired purpose. Our cast iron coat hooks are ideal for classic interior design, or for strong and sturdy purposes. Cast iron is generally used for its resistance to deformation, i.e. it does not bend easily. It is extremely hard wearing, with one of its primary uses in engineering applications. This makes cast iron an ideal material for coat hooks, which are intended to last. Continue reading

  • The Joy of Antique Coat Hooks

    Antique items are usually hundreds of years old, and exude intricacy and beauty. Antiques can be found anywhere; sometimes locating them can be completely unexpected. If you are actively searching for antique items, for example, antique coat hooks, dressers or drawer handles, look out for items that show quality craftsmanship, and a high attention to detail. Our antique coat hooks can enhance a room in your home, as they are bursting with detail and artistic ornateness. Small antique items and larger furniture pieces are hugely popular currently, not only for their distinct look and practicality, but because their value does not usually depreciate.

    To locate antique items, local antique shops, garage sales, antique houses or reclamation sites can be an excellent place to find individual pieces. For online shoppers, eBay, Gumtree and Craigslist can be excellent sites for a wide variety of antique pieces. Some highly effective key words to use in your searches are: arts and crafts; Georgian; Regency; American Pastoral; and Victorian. Look out for common materials too, such as items made from mahogany, oak, pine, walnut, rosewood, and sometimes elm.

    Finding genuine antiques this way however, can be risky, and you may not get exactly what you're looking for, especially if a set of items is required. Genuine antique items can also be pricey, we recommend going to a reputable dealer if a real antique piece is required. It can also hard to locate sets of antique items, as they can often get separated and mixed up over the years since their construction. Keep this in mind when buying, as some items in a set might not be genuine.

    If however, you're looking for a set of antique items, such as a set of antique coat hooks to complete a specific look in your home, we recommend buying antique style reproductions or items with a vintage style look, which can be a much more reasonable price, but still retain the high quality and intricacy desired.

    Some of our favourite antique style coat hooks are shown below. We produce our hooks in India and they are experts in production antique brass metal finished.

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  • The Peacock Plume Coat Hook is a stunning little item

    The Peacock Plume Coat Hook is a stunning little item. Classic, clean and based on the most beautiful of animals.
  • Fresh batch of our handmade hand blown tear drop door knobs

    A fresh batch of our handmade handblown Teardrop Door Knob Sets. Beautiful glass and antique brass combo.
  • Entwined antlers and ears detail coat rack back in stock

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  • Simple, sturdy and smart.. The Silvered Oval Cupboard Knob

    Simple, sturdy and smart.. The Silvered Oval Cupboard Knob http://ift.tt/2pZ5h0A #shiny #metalwork #silver #metal #oval #doorhandles #doorknobs #doorknob #knobs #knob #interior #interiors #decor #interiordesign #interiordecorating #eclectic #vintagehome #vintagedecor #rusticdecor #abodent

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