A guide to fitting cupboard knobs

Fitting cupboard knobs is a relatively straightforward task and an excellent way to add interest to furniture or kitchen cupboard doors. With the rise of upcycling, fitting door knobs and pulls is a take most DIY enthusiasts will come across. The below guide details the method of fitting the most common type of door knob fixtures, rod, washer and nut.

Step 1) Remove the existing cupboard knob.

Step 2) Remove the washer and nut from the rod of the new cupboard knob.

Step 3) Pass the rod of the new cupboard knob through the existing hole. Place the washer onto the rod and then screw on the nut and hand tighten. It is often not necessary to tighter the nut any than this and your new cupboard knob is now fitted, it's as easy as that.

Step 4) This is an optional step if you wish to remove any excess rod length which is often the case if fitting knobs to kitchen cabinets where the rod might make contact with the contents of the cupboard. Mark the rod below the nut as shown below.

Remove the knob and cut down to length using a hacksaw. You can then use this rod as a guide to cutting any other rods down to length but make sure the surface they are being fitted to is the same thickness, kitchen drawers and cupboard doors may vary in thickness.

Finally refit the cupboard knob to get a cleanly fitted, flush finish.

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