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Hallway Coat Hooks to Organise Your Home's Entrance

Hallway coat hooks are really a wonderfully simple invention. We know that they have been around for a long time but we still regularly look at them and realise that even though they are so simple they really are very useful.<!--more--> ... Continue reading →

Cast Iron Coat Hooks: Styles and Uses

Cast iron is an alloy of iron metal with various other elements; an alloy being a mixture of elements to make an improved material for a desired purpose. Our cast iron coat hooks are ideal for classic interior design, or for strong and sturdy purposes. Cast iron is generally used for its resist... Continue reading →

The Joy of Antique Coat Hooks

Antique items are usually hundreds of years old, and exude intricacy and beauty. Antiques can be found anywhere; sometimes locating them can be completely unexpected. If you are actively searching for antique items, for example, antique coat hooks, dressers or drawer handles, look out for items... Continue reading →

A guide to fitting cupboard knobs

Fitting cupboard knobs is a relatively straightforward task and an excellent way to add interest to furniture or kitchen cupboard doors. With the rise of upcycling, fitting door knobs and pulls is a take most DIY enthusiasts will come across. The below guide details the method of fitting the mos... Continue reading → offer a selection of beautifully unique contemporary vintage homeware. Our largest product selection is within our cupboard knobs and drawer knobs range which offers an excellent selection or unusual, vintage style practical and decorative knobs for kitchen cupboards, and drawers and furniture throughout the home. We also stock a large selection of vintage coat hooks and coat racks providing creative and unusual ways to keep your home organised while remaining stylish. Finally, we have a growing selection of cushionsphoto frames and a place for all those unusual homeware oddities you don't find on the highstreet. is a UK based company who stocks everything within the UK and offers worldwide international shipping to over 55 countries, friendly customer care with live chat support and hassle free returns and exchange services.