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  • Hallway Coat Hooks to Organise Your Home's Entrance

    Hallway coat hooks are really a wonderfully simple invention. We know that they have been around for a long time but we still regularly look at them and realise that even though they are so simple they really are very useful.

    We have seen them used for bags, satchels, scarves, packs, handbags, hats, jumpers, caps, football tops, cardigans, vests, ties, jackets, parkas and of course all kinds of coats. So easy to use and they do not take up too much space.<!--more-->

    Sure it might be less cluttered if you had a cupboard to hide things away in but then finding the things you want can become a bit of a chore. The fact that your items are hanging there on display just makes it so much easier to find them. Particularly if you are in a bit of a hurry and rushing out the door.

    We must admit there have been one or two times when we have seen hallway coat hooks that have become so festooned with items that it has not been easy to find things in the layers underneath but that is soon fixed by the cast iron authority of the establisher of house rules. Usually the lady of the house in our experience.

    And we have collected a variety of styles that you are able to choose from. In our experience, people can be a little rough on their coat hooks and if things do not slide off easily then they could be subjected to a bit of an impatient tug. There are many styles that are very solid, resilient and interesting to look at. This more rustic style may not appeal to every householder though.

    If you have an elegant house then a chunky black coat hook may not really fit in with the décor. But we are confident you will be able to find many other hallway coat hooks in our collection that have a more refined style and design. There are some very elegant and decorative coat hooks that are able to lift your front entry area. Some with a traditional look and others that add a more modern touch.

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  • Cast Iron Coat Hooks: Styles and Uses

    Cast iron is an alloy of iron metal with various other elements; an alloy being a mixture of elements to make an improved material for a desired purpose. Our cast iron coat hooks are ideal for classic interior design, or for strong and sturdy purposes. Cast iron is generally used for its resistance to deformation, i.e. it does not bend easily. It is extremely hard wearing, with one of its primary uses in engineering applications. This makes cast iron an ideal material for coat hooks, which are intended to last. Continue reading

  • The Joy of Antique Coat Hooks

    Antique items are usually hundreds of years old, and exude intricacy and beauty. Antiques can be found anywhere; sometimes locating them can be completely unexpected. If you are actively searching for antique items, for example, antique coat hooks, dressers or drawer handles, look out for items that show quality craftsmanship, and a high attention to detail. Continue reading

  • Form and Function: Coat Hook Designs

    Many people give little thought to how they store their coats at home and simply use any hooks available from the local DIY shop or what was left by the previous home owner. Yes, this is a cheap option and ideal when you've only just moved into your house or apartment / flat but there are better, more stylish, more attractive, more practical and creative ways. Continue reading

  • Under Shelf Coat Hooks

    Hunting for more storage space? Take advantage of wasted space under your shelves or surfaces. This innovative and useful idea can be accomplished with specially designed, under shelf coat hooks. Continue reading

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