Form and Function: Coat Hook Designs

Many people give little thought to how they store their coats at home and simply use any hooks available from the local DIY shop or what was left by the previous home owner. Yes, this is a cheap option and ideal when you've only just moved into your house or apartment / flat but there are better, more stylish, more attractive, more practical and creative ways.

Wall mounted coat hooks offer a great way to utilize wall space rather than free standing racks which take up floor area. Plus, good coat hook designs can also add a spark of character and interest to your home that it wouldn't otherwise have. A set of coat hooks might not appear to be much in price or size, but they certainly can add to your home.

Matching coat hook sets

Matching sets are a classic option when buying coat hooks. They offer a formality that many people look for and are easy on the eye when compared to mixing designs. It is a more 2847traditional option and can often be seen in older homes and especially in public buildings. Some hooks are sold as sets of different colour options or you can simply buy multiples of the same hook and mount them in a row.

Over door hooks

The easiest of all to mount, over the door coat hooks can obviously be used anywhere you have a door. Unfortunately, with this ease of mounting comes the risk of marking the door and door frame. They are also the cheapest looking option in coat hook designs.

Antique style coat hooks

If you love the classic interior look then antique coat hooks are an excellent addition to your home. Often sold in antique brass metal or black metal they tend to take the most classic coat hook forms which are beautiful in both traditional or modern settings. Antique hooks also work great when mixed with more contemporary designs to create an interesting contrast.

Multi-armed coat hooks

Multi-armed hooks provide a single, central place to hang your coats. If properly spaced, as with high quality hooks, they provide room for several coats large and small while taking up less space than other alternatives.

Mixing and matching

Of course, there are times where one might prefer contrast to complement. In this case, matching sets or a single well-selected hook may not be for you. You might instead choose to mix and match an array of coat hooks, with different numbers of arms, different colours different materials, and in different configurations. This has become popular in recent years with the growing taste for eclectic interior design.

If you’re willing to spend time experimenting with mixing and matching you can create some really interesting and unusual coat hook arrays.

Large and small hooks

For certain needs, there are especially large and small hooks available in the market.

Large coat hooks are great for making a strong, bold design statement in the home. They can also be useful if you have a large wall space you want to fill. Finally, due to their often larger hook size they are less likely to leave pressure marks in garments.

Small hooks can be used in so many creative ways, such on the inside of cupboard doors, on the side of desks, on the end of a bunk bed or even under shelves to make the most of unused space in the home.

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