A Guide to Buying Kitchen Cupboard Knobs & Handles

A kitchen is often the most expensive room of the home; it is quite easy to go over budget when fitting a new kitchen. Here at abodent.com, we feel the colour, style and finish of the fixtures and fittings is the most important thing when it comes to completing this central area of a home, and of all the different fixtures, kitchen cupboard knobs are likely the most important.

At abodent.com, we understand the differences in both handles (generally a long rod, with two mounting points on to the cabinet or drawer), and knobs (an often spherically shaped design with a single mounting point to the cabinet or drawer), and the importance of knowing when to use each one for the best finish.

Spending a little time to really think about the desired final look of your kitchen, can really make a huge difference. Our high-end hardware, with a varied range of colours and materials will go a long way to give you the look you want. Whilst new kitchens will come with the original fixtures and fittings, you can always request to supply your own kitchen cupboard knobs, handles and accessories, which are easy to fit and may even reduce the price of your purchased kitchen. At abodent.com, we have a vast range of cupboard knobs, handles and racks, guaranteed to match and enhance the look of your new kitchen, the home of the house. Below, we’ve suggested some of our products for the most common styles of kitchen available.

If you opt for a traditional, country style kitchen, we suggest the following products:

For a more modern kitchen cupboard knobs, we’ve suggested the following hardware pieces:

If those of us opting for a more retro style kitchen, have some fun, anything goes!:

We all know how expensive a brand new kitchen can be, however, so often, a money saving option is to give the current fixtures and fittings a rub down and a lick of paint. This is an ideal opportunity to spruce up an upcycled kitchen with new, funky knobs and handles to complete the look. Done well, this can transform a room at very little cost, as well as giving you a very individual and personal look to the heart of your home. Please feel free to ask our advice on kitchen fixtures and fittings, and our suggestions of which knobs and handles to give you the best look – we have hundreds!

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